Sunday, June 1, 2008

Best Saturday...Ever...

Hello!!! Yesterday was a great day!

It started when My Mom and I went to MoA to attend my LEGO Mindstorms Robotics class for that day. We had lunch in Tapa King from 11 am to almost 12 noon. The class that day lasted almost an hour longer than usual because the only other student with me is a boy name Christian Ayala.

At around 2 pm, Tito Jay came to MoA to meet with us in KopiRoti and we went to the Anime Convention ,MangaHolix.

After that, we went to World Trade Center to look at an event that was taking place there.

We ate dinner at Blue Wave but before that we played some games in Time Zone. It was a memorable moment when I defeated Tito Jay in Tekken 5 for two rounds and beating him at Billiards, though I lost in Tekken and I think I had a lot of luck in the Billiards game =P.