Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ice Skating

Yesterday my Mom and I went to Mall of Asia to meet her friends after dinner we went ice staking my mom nearly fell on her back while I nearly fell twice!

It was nice and my mom said we could do it four more times. :o

Tell me on the comments who are these people and what is the Episode.


MARICHU said...

Ice Skating (Speed on Ice is Fun)

Hi Miggy, did you have fund skating? Did you know that, I only learnt to skate just recently and I am 51! I love ice hockey so much and I wanted to play it just like your cousin Tanya, so I started going to hockey school. I can skate now, at my age it's not impossible. I go to hockey school every Sunday morning for 2 hours. We have scrimmage after the lesson and I like to be the goalie.
I am the scorer for the Sydney Bears Ice Hockey team. You can check our website
Keep skating! Tita Chu

Noemi said...

Is it too old for me to skate? I broke my ankle two years ago and I am afraid my balance is so bad now.

MARICHU said...

Hi Miggy

My ice hockey team's site is

This is the team I follow and score for.

Tita Chu