Sunday, November 18, 2007

Elisa's First Birthday!

My mom, Tito Jay and I went to Elisa's First Birthday yesterday.
Elisa is Tita Ottie's daughter who likes bags ( I found that out when Tita Ottie said to Tita Mercedes to show her bag) and knows what she likes (she pointed at Tita Mercedes' cellphone and when it was taken away she pointed at her wallet :P)

At the merienda time of the party I ate 6 (!) Barbeques and 3 vanilla ice creams that time. (:P)

After the party I went how with Tita Mercedes and Tita Charisma because Mommy and Tito Jay were going to watch One More Chance in MoA. (Good thing I didn't go because they were looking for a tarpolin printer(?) and it was traffic going there. :P)

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